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Trust-Based Philanthropy is grounded in the values of equity, humility and transparency.

Waterfall landscape

Headwaters Foundation is committed to financial and programmatic transparency. Below you will find information about our finances, investments and policies.

2021 Headwaters Foundation 990 2021 Headwaters Audited Financials 2020 Headwaters Foundation 990 2020 Headwaters Audited Financials 2019 Headwaters Foundation 990 2019 Headwaters Audited Financials Headwaters Investment Policy Headwaters Whistleblower Policy Headwaters Conflict of Interest Policy Headwaters Bylaws Headwaters Board of Trustees Committee Charters Headwaters Employee Performance Review Process 2023 Program Plan

Find more information about Headwaters Foundation’s finances and practices on Candid – an information service specializing in finding out where money comes from, where it goes, and why it matters.