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Imagine a healthy and thriving Western Montana.

Imagine resilient families, supported children.
Imagine game-changing community collaborations.
Imagine a new kind of philanthropy.


Communities in Distress

Western Montanans have told us they are honest, hard-working people who care about where they come from and the people who live here. They’ve told us they are strong and trustworthy, fair and ethical. But they’ve told us that there are cracks in the foundation on which we’ve built our communities.

More Kids in Foster Care

In western Montana, more kids live in foster care than ever before. Folks can’t find jobs, and even if they could, they don’t have cars to get them to work. Young people struggle with addiction and die by suicide at a staggering rate.

Imagine if we could change that.

Kids get enough to eat

Imagine a western Montana where kids get enough to eat, where expectant mothers get the prenatal care they deserve, where every five-year-old is ready for kindergarten. Imagine a western Montana where we’ve fortified the cracks in the foundations that hold our communities together.

Committed to the long-term solutions

When we asked, Montanans told us they come together to address the challenges their communities face and that they are committed to long-term solutions that will require rolling up their collective sleeves.

Be the source of change.

They’re ready. So are we.