The Change

When all of their basic needs are met, families and children live healthier lives. They thrive.

Food Security

When children get enough to eat, they sit cross-legged on colorful carpet squares in kindergarten ready to learn.

Early Parenting

When their parents have a safe job where they feel valued and are fairly compensated, they are better equipped to parent.

Through an upstream approach, we will address the factors that keep people from being healthy and thriving.

Affordable Childcare

When young mothers have good, affordable childcare they are able to concentrate on their studies that may pull their families out of poverty.

Housing Security

When families have a warm house to sleep in, reliable transportation, clean water to drink and fresh food to eat, they arrive at work and school on time and ready to contribute.

Personal Security

When families and children have healthy, inclusive friendships and relationships free of violence, they have a sense of security.