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Our Work

Democratizing philanthropy one relationship at a time

We start with community because we believe the answers to our regions’ biggest problems lie in the hands of those living and working to solve them. We believe communities are best positioned to create positive, upstream change that will improve the lives of Western Montanans.

We know that many people living in Western Montana have been left out of decision-making conversations that deeply affect their lives. We believe it’s time to change these conversations, change the system and change the power dynamic between funder and grantee.

That’s why we practice a new kind of philanthropy.

The kind of philanthropy that builds relationship on trust, that offers multi-year investments when possible, that streamlines processes and allows us to be a true partner.

In 2022, Headwaters will invest approximately $4.235 million into community-driven solutions to reduce social and economic barriers to Western Montanans’ health and wellbeing—particularly for families living in poverty and American Indians—through four core grantmaking programs: Early Childhood Initiative, American Indian Health and Wellbeing, Policy Engagement Fund, and GO! Grants. Click on the circles to the right to learn more about these programs. Click here to read our full 2022 program plan.