GO! Grants

High-impact general operating grants for our most rural communities

GO! Grants are quick turnaround, high-impact, low-stress, mini grants for organizations in our most rural communities. GO! Grants offer a once-a-year grant up to $5,000 for general operating support with a simple, streamlined application process. Your organization qualifies for this  program as long as at least 50 percent of your work happens in our most rural communities outside of Missoula, Helena, Kalispell and Butte, and works to build resilience  for underserved children and families in one of the following areas:

  • Health and wellness for youth (including development programs, school-based wellness centers, access to healthcare, and behavioral health early interventions)
  • Food security (including access to healthy food)
  • Housing support for families (including quality of housing)
  • Early Childhood support, ages 0-5 (including early childhood education, childcare access, maternal health, and resilient early parenting)
  • Environmental factors that affect health (including transportation, built environment, personal security, and neighborhood quality)

Please take the eligibility quiz to see if your organization qualifies, or reach out with questions.

Eligibility Quiz