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About Us

Our vision is a Western Montana where all people are healthy and thriving

Headwaters Foundation was born from community. A community invested in Western Montana. With more than $100 million in assets, our mission is to work side-by-side Western Montanans to improve the health of our communities. Our vision is a Western Montana where all people, especially the most vulnerable among us, are healthy and thriving.

We believe in and commit to these values.

Trust Community Expertise

We always start by listening, because we trust that our communities have the answers. That trust has allowed us to reshape the traditional dynamic in philanthropy and put the power back into the hands of those who know our communities best.

Better Together

Montana is a state where everyone pitches in, rolls up their sleeves, and does the hard work. Headwaters Foundation is not just a funder, but a true partner. We are committed to finding solutions to Montana’s deepest problems. We are scrappy, resourceful and stronger together.

Value Every Voice

We know that each Montanan has a unique story, but we must earn the right to hear it. We lead with love and humility, inclusivity, and a commitment to meet our fellow residents where they are. We foster justice in our work and start with an open heart and open mind. Not all Montanans think alike, vote alike, or have had the same life experiences. But by building empathy and trust, we are able to come to agreements about what best serves our communities.

Break Trail

We understand that together, we must try new things to find solutions. We are committed to forging ahead with curiosity and courage to face the challenges that come with trying something new. By sharing leadership, we acknowledge we are all equally capable and invested. We work outside of our comfort zone, speak up for those who cannot and push boundaries. We will take risks and we will fail. We will always keep trying.

Provision Well

To provision well, we ask ourselves and our partners, “What do you need?”  Provisions allow us to arrive at our destination feeling fueled and energized, no matter how long the journey. When our basic needs are met, we are able to show up for our communities. We keep an open heart and a sense of humor through the challenges of our important work.

Be direct

We are not afraid to have tough conversations. We ask for what we need to be successful. We get to the point, instead of sidestepping the real issues. We speak our minds. We neither dance around the issues nor waiver behind the fear of being honest.