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Jun 23, 2023

An Update on Our Strategic Refinement Process

2023 marks Headwaters Foundation’s fifth year of grantmaking the final year of its first strategic plan. Our team is currently engaged in a ‘strategic refinement’ process (in partnership with social impact firm, FSG) to help us focus on the most impactful strategies going forward, deepening our ability to advance our mission to work side-by-side with Western Montanans to improve the health of our communities.

In Phase 1, FSG worked with the UM Center for Children, Families and Workforce Development to gather information related to health disparities and outcomes in our state, and what it might take to address them. FSG also conducted interviews with Headwaters staff and Board members to gain insights on key health issues and input on the Foundation’s future approach and priorities.

We recently completed Phase 2 of this process which was focused on stakeholder input. FSG analyzed information from years of grantee reporting conversations, conducted interviews with 20 grantee partners and sent a survey to all of our grantee partners to ask them which of our approaches they view as most effective to date, and where they think additional investments could yield the most positive change for Western Montanans. 73 grantees responded to the survey – if you were one of them, thank you!

To help us center the needs and perspectives of those most impacted by health disparities, FSG organized 5 community wellbeing focus groups with community members from populations that face increased barriers to health. Thank you to all who participated in these listening sessions and to partners who referred participants – the information that came out of them was illuminating.

Explore themes and stories from the listening sessions here!

Where are we now? Our staff and Board recently met to digest stakeholder input and look at specific strategies to address key issues that came to the forefront. Now, our staff is working to develop a strategic plan to finalize with the Board by the end of the year. We will announce the new strategic framework and implementation plan in 2024.

Stay tuned for more information about our refined strategic framework, and thanks again to all who provided input during Phase 2. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any announcements.