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The Need

Meaningful, positive change happens locally and in the trenches.

It’s organizations on the ground that see what our communities need and are doing the important work to make a difference. But, to get funding, they often have to take their focus away from their successful work to jump through application hoops and process hurdles set by bureaucracy-heavy foundations. We are turning that system on its head by starting from a place of trust.

Woman hugging a kid

Our approach is based on us funding and supporting the mission of great local organizations, not making them fit into ours.

Here’s how it works:



We spend time in our communities, meeting with the people and organizations that are making things happen. We ask questions and really listen to the answers to find out what the issues are, and how the community is working together to solve them.


Reach Out

Once we have the lay of the land, we have more in-depth meetings with organizations aligned with our current strategic focus of addressing health issues upstream by prioritizing building resiliency for children and families.


Build Trust

Instead of acting as gatekeepers, making organizations fit into our mold, we learn all about them. We do our homework and spend the time to really understand their mission, processes, finances, board structure, measurement techniques, and other relevant information.


Fund and Support

Once we have determined the organizations that we can best support, we get money to them as quickly as possible so they can continue to do the work. We also provide non-financial support and resources like:

  • Network building
  • Leadership training
  • Capacity building
  • Broader public policy conversations
  • Maintaining communication and relationships