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Ashley Morton

Motivator, calming force, compassionate adviser to grantees everywhere. As a life-long Montanan, Ashley’s career has been rooted in local community and the state’s higher education system. Her marketing, community outreach, advertising and networking skills speak to how well versed she is in connecting and supporting strong organizations. Now, she is taking those skills on the road to listen to and support our grant partners from Sula to Eureka. Ashley is passionate about working for Headwaters Foundation because it allows her to work alongside some incredibly inspirational change makers in Western Montana. Solid and unflappable, Ashley enjoys working with people and ironing out life’s kinks so others don’t have to. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time in the mountains, traveling to new places, reading and finding things to organize (preferably in a color-coded fashion).