Zero to Five

Our children, our future

When we first began digging into the health disparities in Montana, we heard time and again from folks in Western Montana that we should prioritize children in our funding decisions. They told us that the best return on our community investment would be to focus on children in their earliest years. They also told us that to achieve real, sustainable impact, the work must happen locally with an engaged, committed community. They told us to cultivate the fertile ground from which our children may grow, healthy and thriving. They told us to bolster the support network for children in their earliest years when their development is rapid, beautiful and critical to their long-term health and happiness. They told us to intercept intergenerational problems of abuse, addiction and poverty by raising strong, resilient children.

In response, we launched Zero to Five, our first strategic initiative, in 2018.

Zero to Five has been crafted, driven and carried out by local, community organizations already engaged in the everyday, on-the-ground work of improving the long-term health of children ages zero to five. Intentionally narrow and specific, this initiative combines the expertise of the Zero to Five Statewide Office with Zero to Five Local Collaboratives. The Zero to Five Statewide Office coordinates strategic research, policy and advocacy on early childhood systems across Montana while the Zero to Five Local Collaboratives work to create conditions in their communities that support healthy pregnancy, resilient parenting, or school readiness. Together, they elevate the importance of this critical time in a child’s life and work create a better reality for Montana’s youngest children.

Headwaters partners with local organizations that are interested in this collaborative work. If your organization is interested, reach out. We’d love to hear from you.