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Supporting a better environment for the advocacy of policies that reduce social and economic barriers to health in Montana

In order to achieve health equity in Montana, Headwaters acknowledges that we must go upstream and affect the policies that impact people’s lives. Through this fund, Headwaters seeks to increase the capacity of organizations doing policy and advocacy work; increase collaboration among policy organizations, especially across sectors; support organizations working to engage and mobilize Montanans in policy work; and support research that will lead to better policy-making on social and economic issues affecting people’s health. In 2022, Headwaters will focus on funding organizations, community organizing efforts, or networks focusing on improving policies related to our priority social determinants of health. We are interested in supporting research that will lead to improved decision-making on policies in our priority areas as well.  Priority areas include:

  • Family Resiliency (early childhood education & development, child welfare, family support)
  • Food (food access, food security, access to foods that support healthy eating patterns)
  • Housing (quality of housing, affordable housing, stable housing)
  • Social Inclusion (civic participation, discrimination, incarceration, Indigenous traditional knowledge & culture)
  • Mental Health (children’s mental health, maternal mental health, family mental health)

To learn more about this fund and whether your organization is a fit, please reach out to Cari Cuffney, program officer..

Click here to read our full 2022 program plan.