Kids playing on a jungle gym slide

The Work

We listened.

With a deeply resonating, unified community voice Montanans told us long-term success in improving the health of our communities begins with addressing the underlying issues that keep children and families unhealthy. Montanans told us to start with the most vulnerable among us, to cultivate the fertile ground from which our children may grow, healthy and thriving. They told us to bolster the support network for children in their earliest years when their development is rapid, beautiful and critical to their long-term health and happiness. They told us to intercept intergenerational problems of abuse, addiction and poverty by raising strong, resilient children. So we listened. To maximize our investment in the people, programs and policies benefiting children and families, Headwaters will serve the communities of western Montana as a grantmaker, community organizer, capacity builder and policy advocate.

Our Past Grantees