Community Stories

Change doesn’t happen because some organization outside the community said it should. It happens when neighbors come together to build a better community.

We Joined GlassPockets!

As part of our commitment to funder transparency, we are happy to have joined GlassPockets. Check out Brenda’s interview with...

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True philanthropy is more than money delivered fast

If I were to meet Jeff Bezos I’d tell him that he’s off to a great start. But I’d also tell him that philanthropy that creates lasting change is about more than just money delivered quickly. I’d tell him to build deeper relationships with his grantees instead of top-down cold calling because it will lead to greater trust. And, ultimately, it’s all about trust.

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Making Values Work for Teams

How do you find time for reflection when your staff is small and multi-tasking all the time or when the...

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The Whitman Institute Profiles Our CEO

Our friends at the Whitman Institute have been a source of inspiration and guidance when it comes to trust-based philanthropy....

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